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A disappointing end to an underwhelming first day

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0-0. The scoreline says it all. Once again, Uruguay and France struggle to a scoreless draw, as they did in their 2 most recent meetings, including in the 2002 World Cup. There were only a handful of moments to savour, such as Govou’s early miss (which could have changed the game had it gone in), good free kicks from Gourcuff and Forlan, and a second yellow and red cards for young hotshot Nicolas Lodeiro after a foolish challenge on Sagna.

Considering 3 of the best strikers in the world, Anelka, Forlan and Suarez, were on the field from the start, it is a disappointment that it ended without goals. It was another poor, sloppy game, like the first only without goals or much of a storyline. Perhaps it’s the dreaded Jabulani at fault, or perhaps it is just that we have seen 4 mediocre teams play each other and cancel each other out. Either way, the group’s wide open.

As a sidenote, Thierry Henry’s appearance makes this the 4th World Cup that he has played, a noteworthy achievement by the Barcelona striker. He first appeared as a youngster in 1998 and made an instant impact, and although he, like the rest of the French team, couldn’t score in 2002, he played a key role in helping France to the final 4 years ago. Let’s just hope that the ageing legend’s role will not be merely a footnote this time, although no doubt the Irish disagree – still, if the Irish had been playing today, the game probably would’ve been even more boring…


Written by James Bennett

June 11, 2010 at 21:12

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