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British European Airways Flight 609

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I haven’t written much here lately because I haven’t had the time or will to do anything, and there’s no point half-arsing something for the sake of it. However, I’ve got a couple of weeks free before my next essays are due in so I may do something. However, I have done an article for We Are Going Up on a certain team’s excellent recent form (currently the main headline story on the site too – woo).

I intend on making this blog a bit less football-centric and have a bit of everything, apart from F1 stuff (if I ever bother again) which goes on Welsh Grand Prix. On that theme, here’s a new episode of Mayday/Air Crash Investigation (shown on National Geographic here) that may interest you. ACI is one of my favourite TV programmes at the moment, being simultaneously awful and brilliant at the same time, trivialising death with CGI graphics and emotional blackmail but actually being quite interesting from a historical point of view.

This one, from the most recent series currently airing in Canada, is on British European Airways Flight 609, i.e. the Munich Air Disaster of 6th February 1958. Obviously it is interesting from a football perspective (and Busby Babes ‘keeper Harry Gregg is a talking head), but that is largely a sub-plot here, so don’t expect too much on how good the side was. It mainly focuses on the pilot, Captain James Thain, and his battle to clear his name after being wrongly accused of causing the crash in the initial report. If you like it, check out some of the other episodes, although this is the only sports-related disaster they’ve covered so far, and the likes of Superga and the Zambia disaster are unlikely to feature. Enjoy.


Written by James Bennett

January 23, 2012 at 23:52

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