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League Cup Final Preview (sort of)

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The League Cup Final is tomorrow. Liverpool play Cardiff City. I don’t really care who wins, as long as it’s not Liverpool.

In honour of this not-really-that-fine occasion, here’s a cheesy montage video, featuring the music of Wilson Phillips (who else?) and Feeder, of the 1999 Final (then sponsored by Worthington) when Tottenham edged out Leicester, courtesy of a stoppage time goal from Allan Nielsen. Meanwhile, Robbie Savage added to his burgeoning reputation as a prick by getting Justin Edinburgh (remember him?) sent off for allegedly slapping him, and the one they call Judas got his hands on his first trophy as a captain, an honour he would again get at the new Wembley with Portsmouth – what a hero he was.

Back then the big clubs didn’t take it seriously, the same as today (it is a common myth that at some point big teams did take the League Cup seriously, which is only true if “big teams” means “Liverpool, in the 1980s”), but they didn’t win it while not taking it seriously, which made it more interesting – instead it got shared around between the teams that didn’t usually win anything: Spurs, Leicester, Blackburn, Villa etc. Today the big teams still don’t take it seriously, but now get rewarded for that by at least getting to the final, leaving the FA Cup to become what the League Cup once was – an irrelevance fought between the mediocre Premier League sides and whichever big clubs decide to care. Never mind – cup competitions are overrated anyway.


Written by James Bennett

February 25, 2012 at 22:33

Posted in Club Football, Football

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