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I’m going to start work on ideas for a real website (football, primarily) and this time, I plan on giving this a proper go (as opposed to F1 Outsider and all those other half-hearted attempts at blogs).

I’ve given up on journalism. I’m never going to be a journalist, not in a million years. I hate the media too much. But something I’ve realised lately is that all the years I was advised to be a journalist due to my love of writing, nobody ever suggested the possibility of being a sports writer rather than a sports journalist – the two are two mutually exclusive things, vastly different from each other. And I can certainly see myself as a sports writer. This is a good place to start but I need to get it right.

I’m trying to think up something different to what’s already out there, because nobody wants more of the same. I want it to be writing-based, with very limited (if any) news content. I want the writing to be good quality, intelligent, thought-provoking, critical, entertaining and distanced from mainstream opinion. Other than that, I don’t know which way to take it at this stage, although I know what I don’t want:

– I don’t want it to focus solely on the Premier League or Football League as that’s been done to death. No doubt they will play a part but ideally I don’t want to focus on one particular country or league, though I’m aware making it too broad could be a problem as well.

– I don’t want it to have allegiance to a particular club, i.e. it won’t be a Torquay site. Nor I do I want it to be partisan. But I’m not after neutrality – everyone is biased so there’s no point in pretending otherwise.

– I don’t want it to be too dry and serious. Over-analysis of tactics and stats doesn’t appeal to me. They have their place in moderation, but I would rather this be about good writing which is interesting to read.

– I don’t want it to be commercialised (although I want to make money out of it) or populist. People aren’t stupid – they will come to the good stuff eventually. You can carve out a niche amongst intelligent people who appreciate good quality writing – The Blizzard proves that.

– I don’t want it to focus on nothing in particular. That doesn’t work. It needs a cohesive idea and identity to bring it all together, otherwise there’s no appeal.

– And I don’t want to do it on my own. I know I’m unreliable when it comes to pushing projects through and losing interest halfway through things. I like the way sites like The FCF work with a team of editors. Also I have no idea of how to run a website, both in the sense of HTML and in the sense of knowing how to manage a site.

In that sense, The FCF’s a good model, and is loosely what I’m describing above in some ways. But I don’t want it to be an FCF/Surreal Football clone, as they do what they do very well and I don’t want to be an inferior copy. I’m sure there’s still plenty of space out there to occupy that no one’s thought of yet. I just need a golden idea to start from within the restrictions I’ve given myself.

Any suggestions, advice and contributions are welcome. I have a few people in mind already but I’m open-minded.


Written by James Bennett

March 8, 2012 at 01:17

Posted in Football, Other

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