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NFL Match Predictions: Weeks 3-4

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I’ve been busy in the second half of this week, but I can assure you that my prediction for Kansas City-Philadelphia was for a Kansas City win – I already have predictions for all 17 weeks done just in case, though they may need an increasing number of tweaks as the season goes on. I’ve already made two changes for this week, but still have more home wins than the average Mark Lawrenson set of Premier League predictions.

Week 3
Houston @ Baltimore: Houston relatively comfortably
Green Bay @ Cincinnati: Green Bay by a healthy margin
New York Giants @ Carolina: Carolina to pick up their first win but it’ll be tight
St Louis @ Dallas: Dallas by a score
Cleveland @ Minnesota: Minnesota easily, now that Cleveland are tanking for Teddy
Tampa Bay @ New England: Tempted to go for an upset but I’ll go for a safe New England win
Arizona @ New Orleans: Might be tighter than I originally thought but New Orleans
San Diego @ Tennessee: A narrow Tennessee win
Detroit @ Washington: My one change, as I’ve switched to a comfortable Detroit win
Atlanta @ Miami: Perhaps a surprise, but I’ve got a narrow Miami win down, and have since pre-season
Buffalo @ New York Jets: Buffalo but it could be close
Indianapolis @ San Francisco: San Francisco comfortably
Jacksonville @ Seattle: Seattle obviously
Chicago @ Pittsburgh: The other change I’ve made, as I’m now going for a Chicago win
Oakland @ Denver: Denver easily

Week 4
San Francisco @ St Louis: San Francisco but it’ll be close
Baltimore @ Buffalo: Baltimore but judging by recent performances, it could be a tight one
Cincinnati @ Cleveland: Cincinnati should be comfortable winners
Chicago @ Detroit: Detroit to inflict a first defeat on Chicago
Seattle @ Houston: Two teams with 100% records but I’m going for the home team Houston
Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: Indianapolis by a lot of points
NY Giants @ Kansas City: Another win for Kansas City
Pittsburgh @ Minnesota: Minnesota win at Wembley
Arizona @ Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay finally winning, providing Freeman’s still the QB
New York Jets @ Tennessee: Tennessee to win a battle of the average QBs
Philadelphia @ Denver: Denver to put a lot of points on the board
Washington @ Oakland: Washington, though it might be close
Dallas @ San Diego: Despite San Diego’s recent positive form, I think Dallas will edge it
New England @ Atlanta: The first test for the new New England offense, but I think they’ll fail. Atlanta
Miami @ New Orleans: Originally I had a Miami win but I think I’ll change that to a narrow New Orleans win

Power rankings
This seems to be a fashionable thing to do. Here’s my bandwagon-jumping attempt to decide which teams are hot and which are a sack of shit, with their records after week 2:

1. Seattle (2-0)
2. San Francisco (1-1)
3. Denver (2-0)
4. Green Bay (1-1)
5. Houston (2-0)
6. New Orleans (2-0)
7. Atlanta (1-1)
8. New England (2-0)
9. Chicago (2-0)
10. Kansas City (2-0)
11. Miami (2-0)
12. Cincinnati (1-1)
13. Detroit (1-1)
14. Indianapolis (1-1)
15. Dallas (1-1)
16. Tennessee (1-1)
17. Baltimore (1-1)
18. St Louis (1-1)
19. Philadelphia (1-1)
20. San Diego (1-1)
21. Minnesota (0-2)
22. Washington (0-2)
23. Arizona (1-1)
24. Buffalo (1-1)
25. Carolina (0-2)
26. Tampa Bay (0-2)
27. New York Giants (0-2)
28. Pittsburgh (0-2)
29. New York Jets (1-1)
30. Cleveland (0-2)
31. Oakland (1-1)
32. Jacksonville (0-2)


Written by James Bennett

September 21, 2013 at 19:11

Posted in NFL

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